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At BullAnt Security, we use our experience and expert knowledge to provide you with an effective defense system for your valued assets and people. Our specialist skills and experience in access control, alarm systems, CCTV’s, intercom systems and IT enables us to recommend the best combination of systems to meet your requirements.

Access Control

Access control protects access through any number of doors and enables restriction of entry and exit to any given area.

For a home, it can simply enable a door or gate to be opened without a key eg using Bluetooth technology. In a commercial environment, it can control movement and access to areas of employees and visitors. Find out more on Access Control systems.

Alarm Systems

An alarm system is used to detect unauthorized entry to an area. Alarms can be activated by motion or microwave detectors, switches on doors and windows, glass break detectors or smoke detectors.

Alarm systems can be hard wired, wireless or a combination of. A network of sensors can be installed if necessary to cover large areas or buildings. They can be monitored externally or set to dial a mobile phone if activated and intelligence can be added for analysis and reporting.

Our specialists will help design the most appropriate systems to suit your requirements whether it is for your home or business. Using our technical capabilities and access to the most sophisticated of products and equipment, the BullAnt Security team can help from the most simple to the most complex of requirements.



Closed circuit TV records live video in any area. It can be used in many different applications including watching a till or the whole shop for theft, to the floor of a manufacturing plant for work place accidents.

BullAnt Security can provide cameras to your environment and requirements.

Our capabilities include:
•  Cameras to suit a range of environments eg dark or low visibility,
    watery, dusty environments
•  MPEG and JPEG output formats
•  Network cameras recording video and audio
•  Multi client monitor images and control
•  Motion detection alarm triggers
•  Privacy zones
•  Digital zoom


Intercom Systems

An intercom system is a hard wired electronic device used to communicate between two areas usually by either audio alone or video and audio. They can be wired to open a door to let in a visitor where it be to your home, block of units or business.

Intercom systems can be used for a single home to units and apartments with over 100 entry points. They can be integrated with other access control and CCTV systems and linked to switchboard facilities for concierge, reception or caretaker services.

At BullAnt Security, we can provide a range of handsets, door release facilities, two way communication systems and ring volume tones.

Link it to your IT

Integrate your security system with your IT platform to provide greater control, flexibility and cost efficiencies. BullAnt Security has the capability to assist. Contact us or use our consultancy services to help determine the best solutions for your electronic defense systems.

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